CHALLENGE AZ in june 2014

Who wants to write an article about Canivet and genealogy during challenge AZ? Write to us on before the 5/31/2014! So long! Avez-vous entendu parler du Challenge A-Z qui s’est tenu en 2013 à l’initiative de Sophie Boudarel (Bloggeuse généalogiste : la gazette des ancêtres ) ? Il s’agissait, pour qui s’était laissé tenter, de .. read more


In her distant province of Quebec, a cousin Ganivet launched into the research of the origins of her family. Family tradition brought back that they came from France His starting point is the couple of his paternal grandparents. Dans sa lointaine province du Québec, une cousine Ganivet  recherche les origines de sa famille. La tradition .. read more

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Marriages in november?

  The month of november is linked to graveyards but it was not always case. In the previous centuries, it was one of the months of predilection for the organization of marriages and the Canivet Family did not infringe the tradition.   En se penchant sur ces quelques graphiques *), on se rend compte que .. read more


Grâce à l’enthousiasme de Jean-Lou et Jacqueline Palmaerts-Cliquet  (Lignée 053), les recherches sur les liens entre des Canivet et l’expédition Lapérouse progressent ! In the Museum Laperouse in Albi, France En 2008, Jean-Pierre et Nicolle Carel-Canivet (Lignée 063) firent une visite au Musée de la Marine qui se révéla très instructive quant aux rapports entre .. read more

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Old papers, old pictures…

Sens us your archives Did you sort out your old papers and put some order in your attic? You have certainly discovered old pictures, family or military record books, old purchase deeds, old letters… Take the opportunity to safeguard the retrieved documents: by digitizing them, you’ll be able to give a copy to other members .. read more

AD 76

The Departmental Archives of the Seine-Maritime (76) are online!

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Archives Overseas online !

To those who think or have ancestors who lived “beyond the seas”, the overseas archives are online at the following address: They offer a search form with full name very easy to use Goed resaerch!!                                                                      

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Paul Canivet

Read for you in Ouest-France by Jackie Canivet Basse-Normandie – “La Une de Saint-Lô”   Paul Canivet, weightlifter 16-year-old Saint-lô, just chosen in team of France. It was rewarded for its efforts on Friday evening, during Trophies of the sportsmen.


The canivet on the television

On Tuesday , October 26 on the television on France 2 at 22. 20, one could see ” One day, a fate “, Magazine, presentation L. DELAHOUSSE. ” Jean MONCORGÉ, the face hidden from Jean GABIN ” Where appeared Roger GANIVET.

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