Patronym Canivet in the world


CANIVET, CANEVET  et CANIVEZ in France   : 1891-1915 et 1966-1990


CANIVET, CANIVEZ et KENNIVE in contemporay Belgium


 And elsewhere?

In 2001, the United Kingdom came forward in the person of Cousin Paula CANIVET from South Croydon in Surrey. She sent us her full family tree which regrouped 257 subjects and went back to 1513, with Jersey as place of origin.

Around the same time, a Canadian from Meaford in Ontario, Denis CANIVET, contacted Cousin Eric via the internet. He, in turn, sent us his family tree. It turned out that Paula and Denis belonged to the same lineage. Lineages from the United Kingdom and Canada were matched and Paula made it possible for Denis to go back two generations. Last year Australian cousins joined Paula’s lineage, bringing to 689 the number of its subjects.
The same year, an American from Sanford, North Carolina, Scott CANEVIT, unveiled his personal website on the internet, where he introduced his family tree (184 subjects), showing that his ancestor was called Antoine Dominique CANIVET and had been born in France in 1822. His descendants subsequently bore the names CANAEVIT, then CANEVIT. This cousin from America had been in touch with Cousin Melanie from Cergy (95 Fr), lineage 063, for more than a year, and had tried to contact La Grande Famille CANIVET ever since. From a genealogical standpoint, 1822 isn’t a very long way back, and it turns out that Antoine Dominique, born in France on the 15th of July 1822, doesn’t appear in the file. A call was sent to various genealogical magazines to find out about the origin of Antoine Dominique so as to be able to connect him to an existing lineage. No confirmation has reached us so far, and he remains a mysterious figure.

Jackie Canivez (Lineage 028)