Offered services


Would you like to know more about your ancestors? Who they are, where they lived? Send us an email or a letter mentioning your contact details and your lineage number. If you don’t know about the latter, please check it out in the database. You can also send us some details about your ancestry or fill in the family data form in a more comprehensive way in order to enable us to find them back.

We will gladly give you a reply, usually within a week, except during the holidays.

Printing – forwarding

Give a family tree as a birth or wedding present, or simply get it for oneself and one’s progeny? Upon simple email request, we can forward you for free your family tree in PDF format (it will be up to you to print it) or printed on A3 paper format (if the size isn’t too large). When the length of the document exceeds 1 metre, we have to send it as a roll. In this case, we will invoice you for the shipping costs only. For example, the shipment to France of a 2.5-metre-long family tree will cost 15.00 €. Contact us in order to learn about the size of your lineage!

Gedcom file

If you already use genealogy software or intend to use one shortly, you can ask us for the gedcom corresponding to your lineage. It is an ideal starting point!

Digital pictures

We might already have the picture of the certificate you’re looking for to illustrate your genealogy, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Aide à la recherche

You got infected by the genealogy virus? But you don’t know where to start? Or you have already made a lot of progress but are currently at a dead end? Contact us by email or by post, we will give you some tips to get you restarted in this exciting adventure!



You can share your findings with us; forward us digital copies of your old pictures or certificates, and your archives! This way, the NPO will expand its database and will centralize the information that could one day be useful to your progeny.