La Grande Famille Canivet (The Large Canivet Family) is a private association which was created more than 30 years ago by a few people bearing the family name Canivet. First used as an excuse to meet between “Canivet”, the association, driven by a few passionate members, became interested in genealogy.

In January 2010(2), an NPO took over in order to ensure the sustainability of the research work. A centralization unit was established in Belgium, aiming at the following goals:
• Helping to put in contact and regroup in an association any person bearing the patronym Canivet, Canivez or any derived surname worldwide or any person related to this patronym or interested in one of these families;

• Being the coordination point and acting as a stimulant for the genealogical research by encouraging any passionate person to start some research and to share with the association every result, document, photograph or archival record likely to shed some light on the history of the Canivet families worldwide;

• Being a channel to convey the collected information through the website and thematical publications, ensuring that privacy is respected;

• Finally, being the physical place where information regarding the patronym, the history and the genealogy of the large Canivet Family’s lineage are centralized and stored.

This NPO, whose Honorary Chairman, Jean Canivet from lineage 001, helped lay the first foundations, is managed by his children Philippe (Manager) and Anne (Chairwoman). A coordinator genealogist ensures the daily follow-up.

All along the year, the cousins exchange genealogical and family information, and every three years, a reunion day is organized.

Registration on the website is completely open and free. Becoming a subscribed member enables you to have access to our services. If you are bearing the patronym Canivet, you will receive an annual information letter. If you want to register, all you have to do is to fill in the form by clicking here.