HAPPY 2019

Thanks to your input, The Big Canivet Family (La Grande Famille Canivet) is currently made of lineages accounting for more than 66,100 people mainly coming from France and Belgium, out of which more than 2,200 families currently living in Europe, but also pretty much everywhere in the world ! The Big Canivet Family is also .. read more

Happy 2018

Thanks to your input during this past year, 2017 has been a rich one in terms of family branches merging. Our Big Family Tree accounts for more than 65,000 people out of which more than 2,200 families currently living in Europe, but also pretty much everywhere in the world, and YOU are part of it .. read more

Our big party 2016! Register Now

  The Large Canivet Family’s fifteenth party will take place in September 2019. We would be delighted to meet you there! contact us!   Every three years since 1974, La Grande Famille Canivet (The Large Canivet Family) organizes a reunion day, whose purpose is to get to know each other, get together and share good moments. .. read more

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Ellie Canivet

Gregory Canivet de la lignée 001 vous annonce la naissance d’Ellie, née le 09 mars dernier. Il était déjà papa depuis bientôt 2 ans d’une petite Circé. La grande Famille Canivet souhaite tout le bonheur du monde à sa famille.

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The Large Canivet Family wishes, each one of you, a Happy Holiday Seasons. May 2016 bring you Joy, Happiness and every Success you deserve! We reach today 63,800 people mainly in Belgium and France, of which 2,200 families currently living in Europe but also all over the world. 2016 will be the year of the .. read more

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His family (lineage 053) is happy to announce to you the birth of Myrtille Jeanne Suzanne CANIVET-MOREAU born on February 2nd in Namur, in Belgium. WELCOME MYRTILLE, the first Canivet of 2015!

The Large Family Canivet in 14-18

The commemorations of war 14-18 flood the media and it brings the Large family to take part as well! We need you; Tell us the war of your grandfathers and grandmothers Canivet (-Canevit-etc)! You may have photos, letters… If you’re interested, write us! We’ll publish it on our website. Thank you in advance!  

Z encore …comme ZUT c’est (déjà) fini!

The Challenge AZ is over. Thanks Nous y sommes arrivés! Félicitations à tous les participants-blogueurs  ! Pour la Grande Famille Canivet, ce fut une expérience très enrichissante et source de nouveaux contacts et découvertes. Merci aux membres qui ont participé, à ceux qui nous ont lus, à ceux qui nous ont écrit ensuite. Notre but .. read more

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CHALLENGE AZ in june 2014

Who wants to write an article about Canivet and genealogy during challenge AZ? Write to us on before the 5/31/2014! So long! Avez-vous entendu parler du Challenge A-Z qui s’est tenu en 2013 à l’initiative de Sophie Boudarel (Bloggeuse généalogiste : la gazette des ancêtres ) ? Il s’agissait, pour qui s’était laissé tenter, de .. read more


In her distant province of Quebec, a cousin Ganivet launched into the research of the origins of her family. Family tradition brought back that they came from France His starting point is the couple of his paternal grandparents. Dans sa lointaine province du Québec, une cousine Ganivet  recherche les origines de sa famille. La tradition .. read more