HAPPY 2019

Thanks to your input, The Big Canivet Family (La Grande Famille Canivet) is currently made of lineages accounting for more than 66,100 people mainly coming from France and Belgium, out of which more than 2,200 families currently living in Europe, but also pretty much everywhere in the world !

The Big Canivet Family is also a place of friendliness and exchanges which finds its culmination every 3 years during a big gathering where all Canivet and derived patronyms’ holders are invited free of charge.

2019 shall be the 16th reunion and we are impatient to see or see you again there!

We are currently preparing the animations for all ages and tastes! Do come in number, get in touch with your close cousins, we will take care of all the others J!


It is time to spread the news! First of all, notify the Canivets around you who do not (yet) know about our great gathering. Then, provide us with family news  via our website: http://www.canivet.com/send-your-family-informations/?lang=en.

 We do wish, each one of you, a Happy Holiday Seasons. May the year 2019 bring you Joy, Happiness and every Success you deserve!

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